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General Conditions of Employment – Netherlands

We are currently recruiting for: Production works – packing, sorting, segregation, quality control
fruit, vegetables, coffee, art. office space. Collecting orders and preparing them for shipment Greenhouse works – harvesting cherry and traditional tomatoes, pruning shoots, plucking flowers, trimming leaves, general plant care. Working with flowers and flower bouquets – harvesting and caring for cut flowers, potted flowers, arranging flower arrangements, tying, packing and sticking information labels.

* Base Rate I Change
from € 10.00 / h to € 10.81 / h

Overtime 125% 2nd shift
from € 12.50 / h to € 13.51 / h

Weekends and nightclubs 150% 3rd shift
from € 14.90 / h to € 16.21 / h

There is a 6-day working week from Monday to Saturday. Possibility of additional work on selected Sundays. The basic rate may be correspondingly higher (approximately € 1 / h). Examples of positions: orderpicker, forklift driver, B-category driver, machine operator or candidate with a good command of English.
In the case of part-time work, the employer guarantees the payment of wages for a minimum of 32 hours! The employer does not guarantee working together for couples and groups of friends. Each candidate receives a work schedule. A joint trip and accommodation for couples of friends are guaranteed. Gross rates are given.
* We do not use low rates, the so-called The guaranteed salary for Candidates under 21 years of age is: € 9.82 / h


Payment method – transfer:

Payments are made on a weekly basis. Candidate’s salary is paid to the indicated bank account. “SALARIS” (payslips) are sent once a week to the indicated e-mail address and / or are available after logging into the employee’s account in the Plan4Flex (P4F) system.


Employee transport:

The foreign employer provides transport for the employee to and from work. The transport cost is € 5.95 per day, return. Free transport is guaranteed for greenhouse works, flowers, events and most fruit and vegetable production (ie 80% of customers!). Candidates with a category B driving license can apply for a company car. Thus, it undertakes to transport people to and from work. Additionally, if necessary, it is possible to make extra journeys, which is included in the candidate’s working hours according to the basic rate. The employer gives a bonus after 5 weeks of additional work as a driver – Iphone 8th generation!



The foreign employer provides accommodation for the Candidates. Accommodation is allocated immediately upon arrival. Accommodation is allocated as close to work as possible. Shared accommodation is guaranteed primarily for Candidates coming to work in pairs and groups of friends (most rooms are double rooms).

The apartment rent depends on the number of working hours. The amount of housing rent is not more than 107 € per week, all compensation charges for electricity, gas, water, TV and wireless Internet are already included in this price. The housing rent will not be more than 25% of the Candidate’s basic salary if the job situation is less than expected, i.e. at least 40 hours a week, the rent will not exceed 25% of the remuneration. Accommodation with pets is not possible.
For Candidates who are quarantined upon arrival, the housing rent is not charged.


The employee is employed by a Polish company and posted to the territory of the Netherlands.

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