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Work visa for people from outside the EU

You are not an EU citizen but you want to come to us and live and work?

You has need a worker’s visa and it will take about 3 months and a lot money.

If you are not able to handle all formalities, you can entrust it to us.

On our website, choose the service that is right for you

Make your choice by “Buy Now”, pay and enter your details,

Register in accordance with the instructions, provide all details correct.

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Our employee will contact you up to 3 working days in order to complete your visa application.

Why is it so expensive?

The fee for applying to the immigration office is a cost 500 € – 700 € ( depending on the country, England, Netherlands, Czech Republic.)

The positive is that if you have a visa in one country, you can work with us in another because we have registered branches in 3 countries and we can delegate employees.

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